It’s our people who make the difference


Our people are our most valuable asset.


EnvEco Consulting recruits, develops and retains the most outstanding analytical and creative minds, fostering their development in a way that enhances their value to our clients, to themselves and to our firm.


Their experience includes working for large Spanish and foreign businesses, international institutions, governments and public administrations, teaching and researching at top universities (Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Boston, Tufts…), etc.


The members of EnvEco Consulting bring the following attributes and skills to our clients


1. Proven ability to quickly become experts in new subjects and techniques, to identify most important concepts and information, and to troubleshoot problems. Creative, analytical, focused, and detail-oriented.


2. Effectively manage time and multiple projects, set priorities, and meet deadlines.


3. Broad international experience.


4. Practiced and effective writers, and public speakers. Able to present complex material in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner, tailored for a range of audiences.


5. Strong skills in empirical and theoretical research. Solid quantitative and analytical foundations.


Our partners


EnvEco has assembled a group of distinguished academic affiliates to complement its consultants. These experts, like our consultants, have extensive research, teaching, and consulting experience.


An extensive national and international network of other consulting firms to collaborate with, able to facilitate our collective goals and objectives.

Our people