Our approach


Practicing applied economics skills.


Fostering quality within a rigorous methodology.


Continually investing in knowledge.


An organizational structure which is in tune with our services and working practice: Open and flexible.


Added value for our clients


The success of a consultancy ultimately has to be defined and measured by the success of the contributions to its clients. Success defined in terms of quickly acquired knowledge, of know-how and can-do contributions, by creative ideas and strategies on the basis of a realistic analysis and professional implementation.


Consequently, we strive to work with clients through a constructive and trust-worthy dialogue, based on confidentiality, and dedicate our focus solely to projects for which we can deliver added value.


Our strengths


Quantitative expertise and experience: EnvEco’s staff combines state-of-the-art analytic methods and data analyses from economics and statistics with extensive professional experience in consulting, academia, and government to provide clients with illuminating perspectives and the highest quality empirical analyses.


Academic distinction: Our clients benefit from our research experience, which ensures the quality of our analyses. Our extensive teaching experience enhances our ability to explain our conclusions to decision makers, whether they be regulators, policy makers, or business executives.


Customized approach: EnvEco has the ability to take on projects of any size, including comprehensive long-term studies involving complex economic issues or analyses of large amounts of data. At times, however, our clients need only a few hours of consultation. Our customized approach allows us to meet the full range of client needs.

Our philosophy